Things to See at the GUHSAA Museum

Located on campus just west of the auditorium in the old print shop/student store at
1400 Grand Ave.
Open Saturdays by appointment only. Call Leora at 916-813-2850 or Larry at 916-521-5631.
Sacramento, CA 95838

Open 9am till 1pm Most non-holiday Mondays (check the calendar)

  How do I start? There are so many displays, yearbooks, pictures and other things of interest.  
  OK, first there are the large display windows, six of them.  
  There is a display that is about the Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ, its history from 1938 until now. Organists George Wright, Fredric Brugge, and more. Lots of pictures and other related items.  
  Another display titled "Grant Answers Uncle Sam's Call" has pictures of a bunch of WWII planes that were on the Grant campus for the purpose of training aircraft mechanics. Reading material about this program is included in the display.  
  The third display I checked out was titled "Grant Technical College 1942-1955". Again, pictures and some interesting students and information.  
    Grant Technical College Display    
  Outside there is a display with great pictures honoring the 2008 CIF state football champion Pacers. This has some really great pictures.  
    Grant Pacers 2008 State Championship Pacers    
  Of prime interest is a second outside display of the Alumni Scholarship recipients and Top Ten GPA achievers of the past few years (1990-2008). There will be 2009 pictures there real soon.  
    Scholar Display 2009    
  And then the sixth display "In the Beginning 1932-1942 / Purple and Gold Years". Purple and Gold? Yup. Pictures before the current buildings were built, and ones of the current ones being built. And not to be missed is the Trailblazer, Vol. 1 No. 2.  
  Now, back inside where it is cooler. There are trophies earned by various teams through the years. Displays of the senior pictures for evey graduating class, yearbooks for Grant, Norte and Grant Tech, the brass bell that was rung after touchdowns during some of our years, and many more things to look at.  
  So, what are you waiting for? Drop by on Mondays 9 till 1 except holidays. Or organize a tour of the museum during your next reunion. For that, arrangements can be made with the museum staff to open it on a day you choose (within limits).  
  Got any questions? Perhaps you want to donate some memorabilia? Contact the museum staff by email at