Submitting Data to GUHSAA

The Grant Union High School Alumni Association is always looking for information for our website, newsletter and museum. In order to make it easier to submit such information the links below will help get the information to the person(s) that handle the particular items.

Newsletter banner

Newsletter submissions

The GUHSAA Newsletter is the official publication of the Grant Union High School Alumni Association. It is published four times a year for the months of January, April, July, and October. Deadlines for each issue are posted on the calendar and are two weeks before the 1st of the month of publication.

Submit your article within the following guidelines.

  • Due to space limitation, all articles may be edited in size and/or content.
  • All articles must be submitted copy ready or in one of the following file formats
    • Lotus Word Pro
    • MS Word
  • All names have been double checked for correct spelling.
  • Please include the name and phone number of the submitter in case we have questions.
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Website banner

Website submissions

  • Your documents can be in any of the following formats:
    • MS Word
    • Plain text / DOS text
    • Any MS Word compatible format. (There a lot of them, so I won't list them.)
    • html
    • PDF
    • If you have something else, ask me about it.

  • Your pictures could be in any of the following formats:
    • jpg - best for pictures
    • png
    • gif - best for simple images
    • etc.
    • Note: The pictures will be reduced in size to facilitate quicker viewing for those without a broadband connection.
    • Please supply captions or names for your pictures if you want them on the site.
    • If you have something else, ask me about it.
    • Submission is by email, please use the link below. Depending on the size of your submission you may wish to send multiple messages. Have your file(s) ready to attach to an email, then press the submit link below. Please do not change the subject line of the message.
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Museum banner

Museum submissions / Donations / Helping

We are looking for meaningful memorabilia that you might have from your time at Grant. Items such as special publications by Grant student activities, scrapbook items such as newspaper clippings from your era, and just things that you think other alumni might enjoy seeing/reading one more time. You might want to drop by the museum to see what we have and discuss what you may want to do.

We can frequently use a helping hand at the museum whether it is folding and labeling the newsletter for mailing or helping with purchasing or working with other alumni on various activities put on by the association or class years from Grant.

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