The Grant Union High School 2008 California State Football Champions


The Team

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Team Photo

The Coach

Mike Alberghini

Making the News

Devonte Booker
Kipeli Koneseti
Alesano Laban
Darvin McCauley
Jeremiah Toma


Warming up
Team Picture at the Bowl
Our Fans at the Bowl
Pacer Pride at the Bowl
The last pep talk
Who are these Guys?
Homeward Bound

The Parade and Ceremony 

Parade, Murray and Alberghini
Parade - Mayor Johnson
Parade Crowd
Parade - Koniseti
The Mayor and Coach Al
The Mayor and Ramon Williams
The Key to the CIty
Coach Al and Sandy Sheedy
Coach Al and the Mayor

Visiting the Grant High School Museum (you could too!) 

Congratulations State Football Champions
Williams and Robinson Visit the Grant High Alumni Museum
State Football Championship Ring